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07 The Rosary in the Holyland Itinerary


Pray the rosary in the Holyland and meditate the mysteries in the places where it took place:
The Joyful Mysteries

  1. The Annunciation – Nazareth (Basilica of the Annunciation)
  2. The Visitation – Ein Kerem (Church of the Visitation)
  3. The Birth of Our Lord – Bethlehem (Basilica of the Nativity)
  4. The Presentation in the Temple – Jerusalem (Southern Wall excavations)
  5. The finding of Jesus in the temple – Jerusalem (Southern Wall excavations)




The Luminous Mysteries

  1. The Baptism in the Jordan – Jericho (Chapel of the Baptism of Christ)
  2. The wedding feast of Cana – Cana (Church of the First Miracle)
  3. The proclamation of the kingdom of God – Capharnaum, Tabgha, Mt. of Beatitudes.
  4. The Transfiguration – Mt. Tabor (Basilica of the Transfiguration)
  5. The institution of the Eucharist – Jerusalem (Last Supper Room)





The Sorrowful Mysteries

  1. The agony in the Garden - Jerusalem (Gethsemane Basilica of the Agony)
  2. The scourging at the pillar – Jerusalem (Flagellation Chapel)
  3. The crowning with thorns – Jerusalem (Flagellation Chapel)
  4. The carrying of the cross – Jerusalem (Condemnation Chapel)
  5. The crucifixion - – Jerusalem (Mt. Calvary)




The Glorious Mysteries

  1. The Resurrection – Jerusalem (Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre)
  2. The Ascension – Jerusalem (Ascension Chapel)
  3. The descent of the Holy Spirit – Jerusalem (Last Supper Room)
  4. The Assumption – Jerusalem (Chapel of the Tomb of Mary)
  5. The crowning of Our Lady Queen of Heaven (Church of Our Lady of Palestine)





7 Day Itinerary


Day 1 The Joyful/Luminous Mysteries
Nazareth – Basilica of the Annunciation (The Annunciation) pray at the Grotto where the angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary, then visit St Joseph Church where the Holy Family resided; Synagogue Church where Jesus preached the fulfillment of the Isaiah’s prophecy (The proclamation of the Kingdom of God); Nazareth Village to see how people lived 2000 years ago; Sepphoris the ancient capital of Galilee where tradition says Mary was born to Sts. Joachim and Anna.

Day 2 The Luminous Mystery – The proclamation of the Kingdom of God
Sea of Galilee – Capharnaum where Jesus preached and worked many miracles; Tabgha where Jesus worked the miracle of loaves and fishes; Mt. of Beatitudes where Jesus preached the life in the Kingdom of God; Kursi or Geresa where Jesus drove a legion of demons to 2000 swine; Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed the storm and walked on water.

Day 3 The Luminous Mysteries
Cana (The Wedding in Cana) where Jesus worked his first miracle; Mt. Tabor (The Transfiguration) where Jesus transfigured; Deir Rafat Our Lady of Palestine church (The Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven) where the Church venerates Mary as the queen of the Holyland.

Day 4 The Luminous Mysteries
Jericho – Qasr el Yehud (The Baptism of Christ) where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist; visit also the Dead Sea; visit also Bethany the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus whom Jesus brought back to life.

Day 5 The Joyful Mysteries
Bethlehem – Basilica of the Nativity (The Birth of Jesus) where Jesus was born; then visit Shepherds’ Field where the shepherds eceived the good news of the birth of the messiah. Then visit Ein Kerem – Visitation Church (The Visitation) where Mary visited Elizabeth her cousin; and St John the Baptist church where Jesus’ cousin was born.

Day 6 The Luminous/Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries
Mt of Olives – Bethpage where Jesus began his ride on a donkey to Jerusalem; Ascension Chapel (The Ascension) where Jesus ascended into heaven; Pater Noster Church where Jesus taught his disciples the prayer; Dominus Flevit Chapel where Jesus wept over Jerusalem; Gethsemane (The Agony in the Garden) where Jesus was arrested; and the Tomb of Mary (The Assumption of Mary) where Mary was buried and then assumed into heaven.
Mt. Zion – Last Supper Room (The institution of the Eucharist and the Descent of the Holy Spirit) where Jesus ate his last meal with his disciples; Dormition Abbey where the death of Mary is commemorated; St Peter Gallicantu Church where Peter’s denial is commemorated.

Day 7 The Sorrowful Mysteries
Way of the Cross – Flagellation Chapel (The Scourging at the Pillar and the Crowning of Thorns) where Jesus was tortured by the Romans; Condemnation Chapel (The Carrying of the Cross) where Jesus began carrying his Cross up to Mt. Calvary (The Crucifixion) where he was crucified and then buried in the Holy Sepulchre (The Resurrection)
Southern Wall excavations – the staircase to the Temple (The Presentation in the Temple and the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple) where Simeon and Anna met the Holy Family.