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04 Egypt – Israel Old Testament Study Tour

See the ancient land of Egypt, famous in the Bible for the Exodus story, but also for its continued influence throughout the Old Testament period on the Israelites in the political, economic and religious spheres.

Day 1 Depart Hong Kong. Arrival in Tel Aviv & overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 2 Visit the Western Wall, Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, Gihon Spring, Hezekiah Tunnel & Siloam Pool.

Day 3 Visit Jericho, Qumran, Dead Sea, Masada and Eilat. Overnight.

Day 4 Cross Eilat to Sinai Peninsula at Tabah crossing.

Day 5 Visit Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s monastery. Transfer to Cairo.

Day 6 Cairo museum, Coptic museum, Ben Ezra Synagogue & Old Cairo, Salah ed-Din Citadel, Mataria and Church of the Holy Family.

Day 7 Visit Giza and the great pyramids & Sphinx, Memphis, Saqqara. Overnight in Wagon-Lit Express Train to Aswan.

Day 8 Visit Aswan obelisk, Elephantine island, Philae. Transfer to Luxor

Day 9 Visit Abu Simbel & Idfu pyramids

Day 10 Visit Luxor east bank: Karnak & Luxor Temples

Day 11 Visit Luxor west bank: Colossi of Memnon, Medina Habu, Deir el Medina, Ramesseum, Deir el-Bahari

Day 12 Return to Cairo Intl. Airport after visiting Dendera & Abydos

Day 13 Return to Israel. Visit Israel Museum, Studium Biblicum Museum & Holy Sepulchre

Day 14 Visit Jerusalem Jewish Quarter & excavations; then Jaffa & Tel Aviv. Depart Tel Aviv.

Day 15 Arrival in Hong Kong.

Itinerary is subject to changes