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01 Gospel of Mark Pilgrimage to the Holyland

A unique study tour and pilgrimage that studies each chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the places cited. 

Day 1 The Public Ministry in Galilee:
Arrival at Ben Gurion airport. Begin the study of Mark’s Gospel with a visit to the Jordan River to recall the baptism of Jesus (Mk1:9-11), then visit Capharnaum – the town of Jesus where he preached and worked miracles. Walk through grain fields to understand the parable of the Sower (Mk4:1-20), and the towns of Chorazin (Mt11:20-24) and Geresa (Mk5:1-20)

    Day 2 The Public Ministry in Galilee:
    An early visit to the Mount of Beatitudes (Mt 5:1-12) and Bethsaida (Mk8:22-26). Boatride on the Sea of Galilee to recall the miracles Jesus performed there (Mk4:35-41;6:45-52). Then visit Tabgha (Miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fish Mk6:30-44), Primacy of Peter(“Peter, feed my sheep”Jn21:1-19), and see the ancient boat in Ginnosar(Mk6:53-56)from the time of Jesus. 

    Day 3  The Childhood of Jesus:
    A break from Mark’s Gospel to visit the places of Luke’s Gospel: Nazareth. Visit Basilica of the Annunciation where the angel Gabriel announced to Mary the Good News(Lk1;26-38) and the Synagogue Church to commemorate the preaching of Jesus (Lk4:16-30). Visit the city of Sepphoris. 

    Day 4 The Turning Point:
    Visit Caesarea Philippi where Peter confessed that Jesus was the Messiah (Mk8:27-30). Along the way visit the Syria-Israeli border village of Quneitra to commemorate the conversion of St. Paul (Acts9:1-19).  

    Day 5 Preparing for the Passion:
    Visit Cana the town of Jesus 1st miracle (Jn2:1-12); pass by Nain where the widow’s only son was revived (Lk7:11-17). Then proceed to Mt Tabor to commemorate the Transfiguration of Jesus (Mk9:2-8). 

    Day 6 The Way to Jerusalem:
    Depart Galilee for Judah via Jericho which recalls the healing of the blind man (Mk10:46-52). Then proceed to Qumran, the site of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls and the Dead Sea. 

    Day 7 The Birth narratives:
    Another visit to the places of Luke’s Gospel: Ein Kerem the birthplace of John the Baptist and the Vistation (Lk1:39-80). Then proceed to Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus (lk2:1-20).  

    Day 8 The Last Week of Jesus’ earthly life: 
    Visit Bethfage and Pater Noster on the Mt of Olives (Mk11:1). Then walk the Palm Sunday route (Mk11:2-11) to the Church of Dominus Flevit where Jesus wept for Jerusalem (Lk19:41-44). Arrive in the Basilica of Gethsemani(Mk 14:32-42). Proceed to Mt Zion and visit the Last Supper Room (Mk14:22-25), the Church of St. Peter Gallicantu which commemorates the cock crow when Peter denied Jesus (Mk14:66-72) and finally the Dormition Abbey to recall the death of the Virgin Mary. 

    Day 9 The Passion:
    Follow the Way of the Cross (Mk15:1-22) into the Holy Sepulchre where Mt. Calvary (Mk15:23-41) and the Tomb of Christ (Mk15:42-47) are found.Then visit the Burnt House and Herodian Quarter to see the remains of the High Priests’ houses (Mk14:53-65). Time permitting, visit also the Wailing Wall and the Southern Wall excavations where the remains of the ancient Jewish Temple once stood (Mk13:1-2). 

    Day 10 The Resurrection:
    Visit ancient Emmaus (Lk24:13-35) then proceed to Caesarea Martima where the Acts of the Apostles begin, but that is another pilgrimage! Flight out to HK. 

    Itinerary is subject to changes