01 Gospel of Mark Pilgrimage to the Holyland

A unique study tour and pilgrimage that studies each chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the places cited. 

Day 1 The Public Ministry in Galilee:
Arrival at Ben Gurion airport. Begin the study of Mark’s Gospel with a visit to the Jordan River to recall the baptism of Jesus (Mk1:9-11), then visit Capharnaum – the town of Jesus where he preached and worked miracles. Walk through grain fields to understand the parable of the Sower (Mk4:1-20), and the towns of Chorazin (Mt11:20-24) and Geresa (Mk5:1-20)

02 Gospel of John and the Feast of Tabernacles

This pilgrimage will help you study the Gospel of John in the light of the Jewish feasts, especially the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot in hebrew).
Day 1 Hong Kong departure and arrival in Tel Aviv.

Day 2 Visit Siloam Pool (Jn 9), St Anne’s Basilica (Sheep Pool cf Jn 5), Bethlehem & Shepherds Fields, Ein Kerem

Day 3 Transfer to Galilee. Visit Cana (Jn 2; 4:46-54) and Samaria (Jn 4 * if possible*).

Day 4 Visit Jordan river (Jn 1), Capharnaum (Jn 6), Chorazin, Gennesaret “Ancient Boat” museum, Tiberias (Jn 6:23)

Day 5 Visit Tabgha “5 loaves and 2 Fishes” church (Jn 6), Primacy of Peter (Jn 21), Mt. of Beatitudes. Boatride on Sea of Galilee (Jn 6:16-21). Visit Kursi.

Day 6 Visit Bethsaida (Jn 1:44; 12:21), Quneitra & Caesarea Philippi.

03 Ancient Israel Old Testament Study Tour

This study tour will introduce you to the life and times of Ancient Israel and her neighbours: the Phoenecians, Philistines,
Canaanites and Jebusites. Aspects of worship and idolatry will also be covered.

Day 1 Departure from Hong Kong. Arrival at Tel Aviv. Transfer to Haifa overnight

Day 2 Elijah & the Phoenicians (Queen Jezebel): Haifa & Muhraqa (Mt. Carmel) (1 Kg 18;Jer 46:18; Is 35:2; Song 7:6), Megiddo (Josh 17:12-13; 1 Kg 4:12; 9:15; 2 Kg 9:27; 23:29-30; cf Apoc 16:16; 19:17-21 Armageddon)

Day 3 Canaanite Cities: Hazor & Museum (Josh 11:1-15; Jdg 4-5),
Tel Dan (Laish Jdg 18; Josh 19:47-48; 1 Kg 12:25-30), Bethsaida (Geshur) (Josh 12:5; 13:11,13; 2 Sam 3:3; 13:37; 15:8; cf Jn 1:44)

04 Egypt – Israel Old Testament Study Tour

See the ancient land of Egypt, famous in the Bible for the Exodus story, but also for its continued influence throughout the Old Testament period on the Israelites in the political, economic and religious spheres.

Day 1 Depart Hong Kong. Arrival in Tel Aviv & overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 2 Visit the Western Wall, Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, Gihon Spring, Hezekiah Tunnel & Siloam Pool.

Day 3 Visit Jericho, Qumran, Dead Sea, Masada and Eilat. Overnight.

Day 4 Cross Eilat to Sinai Peninsula at Tabah crossing.

Day 5 Visit Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s monastery. Transfer to Cairo.

Day 6 Cairo museum, Coptic museum, Ben Ezra Synagogue & Old Cairo, Salah ed-Din Citadel, Mataria and Church of the Holy Family.

05 Holy Week in the Holyland Study Tour

Day 1 Depart Hong Kong.

Day 2 Arrival in Tel Aviv. Neot Kedumim. Full day tour on “Pesach” theme.

Day 3 Eve of Palm Sunday – Jerusalem Visit Bethlehem & Beit Sahour. Solemn Procession and Celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours at Holy Sepulchre.

Day 4 Palm Sunday – Jerusalem Holy Sepulchre: Procession with Palms and Pontifical Mass at the Altar of St. Mary Magdalene. After Mass visit Pater Noster, Dominus Flevit. Palm Sunday Procession over Mt. of Olives to St. Anne's Church.

Day 5 Nazareth: Mass at Annunciation Basilica. Also visit St Joseph Church, Synagogue Church.

Day 6 Visit Capharnaum for Mass, Tabgha, Ginnosar, Korazin.

Day 7 Visit Tabor

06 Christmas in Bethlehem Pilgrimage

Celebrate Midnight Mass in the caves of Shepherds’ Field; spend a unique Christmas at the very site where the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us. This unique pilgrimage will also study the prophecies of the Old Testament regarding the coming of the Messiah, and how it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Day 1 Depart Hong Kong and arrive in Tel Aviv.

Day 2 Visit City of David (Ophel), Hezekiah’s Tunnel & Siloam Pool. (Read the messianic prophecies of Isaiah). Afternoon rest and Midnight Mass at Shepherds’ Field.

Day 3 Visit Bethlehem Basilica and venerate the place where Christ was born. Time allowing, visit also Herodion Fortress where King Herod the Great was buried, and the Kathisma where legend says Mary sat to rest on her way to Bethlehem. Afternoon visit Ein Kerem, birthplace of John the Baptist.

07 The Rosary in the Holyland Itinerary


Pray the rosary in the Holyland and meditate the mysteries in the places where it took place:
The Joyful Mysteries

  1. The Annunciation – Nazareth (Basilica of the Annunciation)
  2. The Visitation – Ein Kerem (Church of the Visitation)
  3. The Birth of Our Lord – Bethlehem (Basilica of the Nativity)
  4. The Presentation in the Temple – Jerusalem (Southern Wall excavations)
  5. The finding of Jesus in the temple – Jerusalem (Southern Wall excavations)




The Luminous Mysteries

08 A Holy Land Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of the Virgin Mary

Experience a spiritual journey of personal discovery and reaffirmation while tracing the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, within the Biblical landscape in which she lived, rejoiced and sorrowed


Stroll the streets and lanes of Nazareth, the town that was once a village where Jesus was raised. The Basilica of the Annunciation enshrines the grotto where, according to tradition, the angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary (Luke1:26-35). The nearby Mary of Nazareth International Center preserves important, recently discovered remains of a family dwelling dating from the 1st-century period. A short distance away, the fountain at the Spring of the Virgin Mary (Mary's Well) most probably marks the place where Mary drew water for the Holy Family.

10 In the Footsteps of St.Paul (I) 15-day Turkey pilgrimage

Day 1 Depart HK International Airport for Istanbul.
Day 2 Arrive Istanbul. Visit St Mary’s Draperis and the Franciscan Church of St Antoine in Taksim Square. Lunch. Drive to the hilltop of the Asian side to look at the panoramic view of the European and Asian Istanbul.
Day 3 Visit Chora, Istanbul Museum and Hagia Sophia. After lunch, Hippodrome and Basilica Cistern.
Day 4 Morning departure for Ankara, where you will visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.
Day 5 Set off for Cappadocia, a landscape of extraordinary rock formations. Visit Goreme Open Air Museum, Avanos and Uchisar Castle.
Day 6 Explore Cappadocia further; the land of Saints and early Christians. Ramble in Beautiful valleys, discover underground cities and visit old Christian villages. Visit Kaysar underground city.
Day 7 Set off for Konya. Visit Lystra and Derbe on the way.